Holly Tamale



Hello, my name is Holly Tamale.  I am both the writer and illustrator of the children's book Soggy Doggies.  I wrote Soggy Doggies when I was 16.  When I was 16 I knew absolutely nothing about drawing or illustrating, all I knew is that if I had somebody else illustrate my words it wouldn't be the same. I was determined to learn how to draw so I could make the very best pictures that truly would bring Soggy Doggies to life.  Throughout college I practiced my art in my free time and devoted long hours to drawing and redrawing the cute doggies I saw in my head.  I got some art books about cartooning by Christopher Hart, and they were so easy to follow and fun. I don't think I would have made it without him.  Six years later I finally finished and wanted Soggy Doggies available right away!  So I decided to self publish through CreateSpace.  Formatting the book to meet upload specifications was difficult, but in a few weeks it was ready.  Now Soggy Doggies is available for purchase to the whole world on the CreateSpace e-store and Amazon.com.  After fixing a few mistakes I will apply for expanded distribution,(book stores) but for now the Original Soggy Doggies is only available upon special customer request at bookstores or online. It is 32 pages long, full color and the reading age level is ages 2-7 :)